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8 replies on “Not the Andrew Marr Show”

    1. who of sound mind can support a leader who was bought and paid for our party was build on equality, social democracy, social justice, I could never unite with LFI PLP Progress Fabians who have spent the past 4 yrs systematically destroying our Party even worse at the first opportunity Starmer did dirty deals behind closed doors paying off Staffers relating to Panorama. like they were paid a bonus for plotting and planning the 2017 GE.. this is not socialism, it is far removed from it.. Starmer says he supports Palestine I have not one word of support for that Country from him today they are not only being bombed out like the RW did voting to bomb Syria, their power plant has closed down because of the lack of oil which is blocked, this is against every human right in the book… the BoD party, they are making the rules is NOT socialism, it is a disgusting extension of the State of Israel as we seen on Al Jazeera Investigations, MPs et all bought and paid for by an Isreali diplomat, a Labour MP asking for the money was incredible, why were the security services not involved, May stopped them, there no longer seems to be security systems in place in the uk, not a hope in hell I would Unite with that bunch of liars and cheats, yesterday on Twitter I was told by A QC that I was a Jew Hater because I speak out, Labour was never a religious party and the accusations and defamation of character towards those of us who may have left the party but still of have the freedom of speech, I could write an epistle with reasons why we can never unite with Starmer and his cronies, I would like to see an Independent labour party formed before the next council elections, people have to have a party to vote for – yes it will split the vote but sadly Starmer is so Tory and RW and he will NEVER EVER WIN a GE. sorry for the rant.. I am fuirious that after 55 yrs of supporting labour in a few months the very foundations of our party the freedom of speech are being taken away…

  1. I could not stand behind starmer . I will not be voting labour . Actions speak louder than words , and starmers actions are betrayal to the Labour Party .He was at the front of a long line of snakes who stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back . The Labour Party has to be different from the Tories . Blairs , Brown , Milliband , were not , so we lost millions of voters and virtually the whole of Scotland . Why unite now when there was no attempt to unite under mr Corbyn . But the nail in the coffin for me was starmer using labour money to pay off the traitors who worked non stop to betray millions of labour members and people who needed desperately a labour government . A lot of truths were stopped from being revealed when he stopped the court case .

  2. Labour’s members are individuals who all have their own views about different problems, but we all want a Labour government so we must all unite behind our elected leader.
    No-one will vote Labour if we appear to behave like constantly squabbling children.
    We must remember that we have a united aim to win the next General Election and focus on doing that for the sake of our whole population who have suffered under years of austerity and now Covid-19.
    We don’t have to agree with absolutely everything Keir Starmer says but we did elect him and should support him to provide a clear united front to the public, so we don’t confuse voters at Local or General Elections.
    Perhaps we should think ” ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”
    I think the public need a clear simple message that they can remember and I think they dislike mixed messages and dislike extreme messages.

  3. When Keir Starmer said that Labour is “under new management “, it was a clear repudiation of Jeremy Corbyn’s polices. This has definitely not been a statement to unite the party. The party has shifted to the right again and, by pursuing the discredited policies of Blair and Brown, it will lose support and credibility among voters.
    Keir has not said a word about tackling the rampant scourge of Islamophobia, which was started under Blair and his notorious and fabricated ‘War on Terror’, resulting in devastating consequences for Muslims across the world. By making Islamophobia go mainstream, racism, Fascism and Nazism have reared their ugly heads, both here in Britain, across Europe and indeed the world. The assumption of power by Fascist Parties in some parts of Europe and the world poses a very real threat to democracy itself. That is why tackling Islamophobia is the burning issue of our time.

  4. I, as thousands of others, joined the Party when a traditional Socialist was elected for the first time in years. I was anti-Blair, endless protests against wars I did not support. The New Members could not believe the disloyal attempts to remove and discredit Corbyn, and to destroy electoral credibility, led by MP’s in conjunction with a biased BBC. Those treacherous MP’s and Party Officials will not be brought to account. Instead I hear he wants to take away the Whip from Corbyn. Keir is bought and paid for in the same way as Blair, who endorses Starmer. Unity, even Democracy, is a joke. Prove me wrong.

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