During this rather depressing time in which we struggle with the effects of the pandemic and the negative impact of Keir Starmer’s Labour leadership, Labour Grassroots thought we’d try to lift everyone’s spirits by remembering a peace campaigner and a hero of the Labour movement, Tony Benn.

We invited our mailing list to participate and many people send in stories of how Tony had inspired them. And we invited people to contribute who knew him too: Lindsey German, Andrew Fisher, Richard Burgon, Kate Flannery, Jeremy Corbyn, Colin Hampton, Harry Rogers, Mark Seddon, Ian Saville, David Osler and his daughter, Melissa Benn.

Planned as a one hour show – also including footage of Tony Benn – the show ran over to just over one and a half hours and ends with Tony’s favourite song, ‘Winter Turns To Spring’, written and performed by Robb Johnson.

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