Last week it was reported by several newspapers that Jeremy Corbyn had ‘lost’ a case against the Labour Party. The verdict in the case was presented as a big setback for the former Labour leader in his pursuit of having the whip restored to him.

On Sunday’s ‘Not the Andrew Marr Show’ we spoke to NEC member – and lawyer – Howard Beckett about what actually happened in court last week and what it means for Jeremy Corbyn’s case.

Unsurprisingly, it shows that the mainstream media were not telling the full story.

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  1. Tory Mainstream Media as destroyed the Labour party with Lies Smears .Just to get Jeremy Corbyn out the Labour party and put in as leader a Neo Tory Shekel snatcher and his right wing Scab cronies

  2. There scared of JC and socialist values. There scarred they won’t be able get away with as much tax avoidance as they enjoy under the Vile Tory party, who would privatise there own nan if it was an option.

  3. This country was ready for change and Jeremy Corbyn was it, but the establishment would not allow this so rigged both elections those with a brain could see this and what the corrupt Tories and their corrupt MSM/BBC it was as plain as daylight.

  4. Cannot hear the speach but I am sure he spoke well. We need shut of Starmer and JC back at the helm. Until the info of how some people worked against JC I never realised how much corruption there was in the Labour party.

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