‘It’s pretty clear across the Labour movement that most people think he’s completely on the wrong place on this,’

Keir Starmer, on Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension, 1st November

Following Keir Starmer’s assertion that the Labour movement backed Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension, Labour Grassroots put out a survey on this subject to our mailing list.

It received more replies than any other survey we have ever put out, with over 1,400 Labour members replying.

There is clearly overwhelming support for Corbyn among the membership.

We put the survey up on Twitter and asked ‘Labour List’ if they would conduct a survey too. Maybe they would get a different result.

‘Labour List’ didn’t reply and, since then, have made no attempt to find out what Labour members think about the suspension of the party’s former leader (he was leader only seven months ago!).

Suspending the former leader is totally unprecendented so why is there silence on this?

Contrast this with how ‘Labour List’ handled Brexit. They were happy to survey members about this – when Labour’s policy was not an issue – and to support calls for Labour to move towards ‘Remain’.

Silenced at meetings

It wasn’t long after putting out the result of our survey that CLP officers were written to by the General Secretary David Evans and told that discussing Corbyn’s resignation was not ‘competent’ business.

So as well as the Labour Party’s main media outlet failing to take any note of Labour members’ feelings on Corbyn’s suspension, party members were being silenced on it.

We sent out another poll to Labour members – and this is probably one that will not be repeated by ‘Labour List’ either.

We asked Labour members if they thought it was wrong to stop discussions on Corbyn’s suspension in party meetings – and the result was even more resounding.

The evidence is clear that Labour members are not being valued and their opinions are being misrepresented by the leadership and silenced by the party bureaucracy and the main media outlet for members.

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Labour Grassroots will continue to speak up for members and put their views across. We don’t have anything like the resources of ‘Labour List’ but we are growing.

If you would be able to support Labour Grassroots by making a monthly donation, this will help us to build and make sure members’ voices are heard loud and clear.

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  1. I wish that the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn would just leave the Tory lead Labour Party and start up a real Labour Party. If there is no one to stab JC in the back we could just get rid of the Tory government. With a Real Labour Party with people who care for other people and want a fairer society. If only with the British people like those who voted for BOJO I think we are all f**ked. I watched a programme where Bobby George was having a bite to eat. In the show that TWAT Bobby George said he would rather vote for Boris Johnson than Jeremy Corbyn because BOJO is the better lire says it all really and there where more thick twats like him.

  2. I wrote an email to Sir Keir Starmer regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension. I told him to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn as there were no grounds that I could possibly see for his suspension in the first place. I also said that the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn was ill timed when we were in the process of voting within our party. I also told him that there was no ‘right’ side to the labour party. We were all left and that the only ‘right’ (side) people were the Tories. I am not happy at all by the way Jeremy Corbyn has been treated. Our currrent leader needs to stop looking out for himself and concentrate on uniting the party; he can start by reinstating Jeremy Corbyn. P.S. I will not be leaving the Labour Party membership and I told our current leader that too.
    Well done for all the work you have done on this. Thanks.
    In Solidarity.

  3. Hello what is the difference between Labour Grassroots and Labour List and are Labour Grassroots members of the Labour Party?

  4. if any one has brought the labour party down it is the rightwing leader we have in now and all the back stabbing sycophants that only think ofa good pay day to think the likes o f decent labour party members of the last few years will be spinning intheir graves

  5. Corbyn tried to accommodate the right wing of the party even though they tried many times to undermine and bring down his leadership eventually succeeding by blaming him for the delivery of AS complaints although it was in their hands
    Now we have the right in charge they are trying to eliminate any chance of members having a fair say
    I did not get my vote for the NEC this week and I am sure many others from the left had the same problem

    1. jacqui, I can give you three reasons not to vote Labour from their 2019 Manifesto.

      1. They don’t believe in free speech. See IHRA.

      2. They don’t respect the vote. You can’t tell people their vote doesn’t count and then tell them they should vote for you. See Referendum

      3. Electoral reform. The 2015 Election result showed the complete failure of our electoral system. Labour’s answer to that is not PR but reducing the voting age to sixteen. Apart from it giving us twice as many teenage pricks voting, it has legal ramifications that make it impossible.

      Outside of the Manifesto, the reasons are obvious. See https://revolutionarycouncil.blogspot.com/2019/12/

  6. Your mailing list clearly does not include all the membership and so is not a proper representative of the views of the Labour Party membership. Of course democracy requires that anyone is entitled to discuss the previous leaders suspension, but isn’t it time the Members focused on trying to support this party to get into power. Our continuing internal grumblings which are given HUGE headlines in the Tory Press just make the Public mistrust us and think we are a rabble of losers and fosters support for Boris and his disreputable far right government. Lets look to get a socialist party into power and unite in our effort to do so

  7. Whatever happened to freedom of speech in the Labour Party. The relatively new General Secretary appears to have given himself powers to suppress dissent in our Party. Shameful.

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