The Labour Party’s longest serving MP ever deserves recognition for 49 years service in parliament.

Following a ‘Stay Home for Labour’ tribute show to Dennis Skinner in July, singer/songwriter Robb Johnson recorded a moving and heartwarming song, ‘Tony Skinner’s Lad’.

The single tells the tale of a man who ‘can’t be bought’ and remained true to his principles and upbringing.

Talking about what inspired him to write the song, Robb said: ‘Dennis Skinner is the principled people’s delegate every Labour MP should aspire to be like.

‘He’s also a lovely human being, and he likes a good sing and a good song too. So I was very happy, not to say honoured, to hear he approves of “Tony Skinner’s Lad”.’

A superb video has been created to accompany the song by Dan Draper, who directed the Dennis Skinner film, ‘Nature of the Beast’.

Dan says: ‘In this video we wanted to convey Dennis’s passion, his legacy and just how long he spent fighting for the rights of workers.

‘We also wanted to emphasise the softer side that you don’t often get to see. There’s so much great footage of Dennis, so we had plenty of material to choose from to accompany Robb’s fantastic song.’

In order to get the single out we need to cover the costs for its production. If you are able to contribute or share the crowdfunder, it will be greatly appreciated. The link is here.

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  1. What a Finale to tonight’s show – a good few Comrades with disabilities gave strong messages about accessibility just proved how inclusive online meetings can be and we can feedback to our CLPs who can carry this forward even if the pandemic should ever ‘go away’, and which we must take to our CLPs. We previewed the superb video and song honouring our Hero, Dennis Skinner, Let’s Get It into the Charts!

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