Wednesday’s show featured a discussion on whether it was right for Keir Starmer to call for the broadcaster RT to have its licence reviewed by Ofcom.

We were joined by Ross Ashcroft of Renegade Inc, which broadcasts on RT. And he was happy to discuss the issue with people on both sides of the argument.

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  1. NO IT SHOULDN’T!!! When we discovered RT a few years ago we discovered so many academics, writers and activists who we’d never heard of and who really opened our eyes to what is going on, so much more informative than the mainstream media, and it enables us to read more deeply about the subjects they discuss.
    Renegade is brilliant (as is Afshin Rattansi’s Underground), introducing us to academics like Jason Hickel and Danny Dorling, activists like NHS doctor Bob Gill and writers like Dan Gretton who has written a really enlightening book (I You We Them) on not only the Nazi atrocities that were performed in WW2 but our own dreadful colonial crimes of the past and what is still going on now. I think I’m quite capable of discerning between propaganda and fact, which is why I never read mainstream newspapers and have given up on the BBC. For Starmer to want to ban it, is because he either hasn’t watched it himself or he doesn’t want people to know what’s going on.

  2. definitely shouldn’t be banned, some excellent programmes on RT and allows me to see what is happening in the outside world, I am quite capable of discerning between propaganda and fact, the current labour party make up would prefer an uneducated population who will blindly vote for them

  3. why is it that our propaganda is ok but that coming from other countries is bad. The BBC is a propaganda outfit, at least watching RT gives another view

  4. No to banning RT. I agree with the CS and MM. I occasionally watch BBC News, but prefer ITV News plus, now and again, BBC’s Newsnight, and sometimes switch to RT and Aljazeera and/or Sky News. I would also like to watch All Out Politics, but it doesn’t fit my schedule. From this mix, I get a good sense of different information and difference povs. And it is certainly true that RT goes to creditable experts who add information and knowledge to the conversation. BBC is very important but it’s still stuck in its establishment past and comfortable home.

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