‘I walked the streets with Keir campaigning and really supported him but I’m shocked at the way he has treated his predecessor. I’m seriously considering leaving the party.’ (Labour member who voted for Keir Starmer to be party leader)

‘I have never been more disappointed in a new Labour leader in over 40 years of being a member and supporter. Not just over Corbyn and anti-semitism but by abandoning his pledges and failing to secure a clear lead over the most incompetent and corrupt Tory Government in history (whose actions have literally led to thousands of unnecessary deaths) he has proved himself unfit for the role.’ (Labour member who voted for Keir Starmer to be party leader)

Keir Starmer’s behaviour towards Jeremy Corbyn and his reaction to the NEC’s decision to reinstate the former leader has angered and upset a large chunk of his support base.

Over 200 people who voted for Starmer to be party leader responded to a survey sent out by Labour Grassroots and many of them were clearly disappointed and angry about his recent actions.

Between one-third and a half of people who had backed Keir Starmer for leader disagreed with the decisions he has made in the past week.

As can be seen with the question of Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement, nearly 50% of Starmer supporters were in favour of the NEC’s decision.

The response to the Labour leader’s criticism of the NEC decision saw 37% of his supporters in opposition to his position.

These are some of the comments made on this issue:

‘He has directly contradicted one of the main findings of the EHRC report in that ‘it is not legitimate for the leadership to influence, make recommendations, or make decisions on complaints outside of the formal complaints process.’ (Labour member who voted for Keir Starmer to be party leader)

‘For a barrister to break the rules of the party is extraordinary and authoritarian It does not bode well for the future unity of the party to behave in this high handed way. He needs to show he is a democrat.’ (Labour member who voted for Keir Starmer to be party leader)

‘He is supposed to be a QC yet he is breaking rules and ignoring the correct procedures. The decision to drag this out for three months is particularly terrible. It may make some people happy but I don’t think the majority of the public will be impressed with this dragging on when he she should be focusing on coronavirus, the impending economic disaster that is Brexit, and opposing the Tories. It looks petty and childish and has damaged his credibility, as well as making the party look bad for being divided at a time when the attention should be on the Tories and the epic shit show that they have created.’ (Labour member who voted for Keir Starmer to be party leader)

Again 37% of Starmer supporters believe Corbyn should get the Labour whip back.

But the 43% who agree with Starmer are loyal and believe he has actually enhanced his reputation. These are some comments made by them:

‘We need a strong leader to build a party that is electable.’

‘It is essential that the party takes clear steps to bring an end to allegations of antisemitism, even if those steps, looked at in isolation, are heavy-handed.’

‘It will help improve our poll ratings.’

Starmer’s supporters have clearly split over this issue.

Some of them abhor Corbyn and believe that withdrawing the whip was exactly the right thing to do.

Other Starmer supporters were loyal to the last Labour leader and believed that Starmer was a continuity candidate. This belief has now been shattered.

I am very disappointed in Keir Starmer, having voted for him because he said he supported all the policies that had been in the 2017 and 2019 Manifestos.

He’s been divisive and petty.

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  1. Interesting to see that so many of Starmers own supporters disagree with him and feel he has let them and the Labour Party down.

    But more interesting, are those who, as you say above: ” Some of them abhor Corbyn and believe that withdrawing the whip was exactly the right thing to do.”

    They seem to imply that ‘its fine to act against the NEC and against the very recent EHRC Report’? That is a deep concern, since Jeremy Corbyn, Jennie Formby and others have worked so hard to ensure that the Labour Party stays the right side of justice. Yet Starmer, the current Party Leader, who is trained in such things, shows himself to be more than happy to flout fairness and justice, and the EHRC Rules, which he himself so recently agreed would be implemented in full.. and these members agree that he should do that?? Unbelievable!

    Also, “Abhor”, is such a strong and strange word to use, against so maligned a recent Party Leader, that it makes me wonder whether they have ever been in the right Party, and should maybe have initially set their sights further to the right?

  2. This man is a very bad model of what a Leader should be. Many right-wing neoliberal MP’s tried to sell him as being “Forensic”, but he is proving to be spiteful, vindictive and very lacking in anything remotely forensic – completely ignoring the fact that many Jewish Labour Party members are NOT Zionist in orientation and oppose the Antisemitism “witch-hunt” against any members that support Palestinian human rights!
    He is an inexperienced MP only popular with the right-wing MP’s who bleated on about Labour being a “Broad Church” when Jeremy Corbyn was our leader, but have been happy whilst he persecutes clearly Democratic Socialist MP’s and Party Members!

  3. Starmer is no good to the Labour Party or the people he is supposed to represent in fact I would go as far to say he is in the wrong party

  4. starmer is a right wing blairite plant and should be thrown out of our socialist labour party,he is no different than the tories and he is being controled by a party within a party namely friends of israel.

  5. I am really dissapointed with Kier Stamer and regret voting for him as he lied to us about following the same policy as JC instead he suspendedJC and became a strong Zionist supporter.Shame on him

  6. Please to be with like minded people who only want to live in a world were we live for the many, not the few. We all have a chance ✊?

  7. I have been ‘guilty’ of 2politically illiterate decisions. The first was voting for ‘brexit’ in the , as proved to be the case’ stupid belief that the mutual interests of the EU and UK would ensure a sensible outcome. I simply wanted the power of the corrupt fat cats in Brussels to be reduced or removed as far as the UK was concernéd. The second was a last minute decision to vote for Starmer rather than RLB whom I thought eventually lacked the personality to do the job. I was happy at the time that Starmer committed himself to the 2017 manifesto. It seems now unlikely that he will do so. ‘Regrets I’ve had a few’. Normally I can put these mistakes down to the senior moments of an 86 year-old but these were considered judgements by someone who has supported Labour since getting the vote in 1952. Meo culpa!

  8. Having joined the Labour Party after Jeremy was elected leader, I am hugely disappointed that he has been virtually excluded from the Party. He is one of the most sincere politicians we have in Parliament and to suggest that he is racist is an insult to all those who elected him. I expect I am not the only one who has resigned in protest. It is absurd to suggest that opposition to Israel’s policies is anti-Semitic is absurd. Our focus needs to be on how we can work with other countries to encourage equal rights and justice for all Palestinians. If the Israeli lobby call Palestinians terrorists let us not forget that the state of Israel was founded out of terrorism including the blowing up of the King David’s Hotel in Jerusalem.

  9. Can’t believe starmer is the leader – Labour cannot win a GE with this whiner. Like most pc politicians today, he only follows public opinion, he has no ideas of his own – very few leaders actually “lead”, they merely follow polls

    1. Whether or not he wins an election is not the issue, the question is always, if he did win, what would be the point?

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