Over 75% of parents polled by Labour Grassroots believe it is inconsistent to impose a national lockdown and not close schools.

In a survey of 800 Labour members and supporters on the 2nd and 3rd of November, parents expressed anger at Labour’s failure to oppose the government on this policy.

‘I thought Starmer’s words “no ifs, no buts” were ill thought out and as I suspected, the rate of infection rocketed when schools opened again,’ said one respondent. She concluded: ‘Labour have therefore been complicit in the situation (and no doubt) deaths we are now seeing.’

A disabled Labour member with concerns for her health said: ‘I feel Starmer is only doing it to appear “strong” against teaching unions who have legitimate concerns. No thought for families with vulnerable members.’

Over 70% of parents who answered the survey were worried that their child could pass on the virus to a vulnerable member of their family.

‘It’s a disgrace. It’s risking the lives of our children, vulnerable parents and grandparents,’ said one parent, who believed not enough has been done to look at alternative ways of running schools.

Another parent simply said: ‘It’s awful.’

To hear the views of these members and some of those who support Starmer’s position – as well as former Shadow Secretary of State for Education Rebecca Long Bailey and the NEU’s Louise Regan, register for Labour Grassroots tonight.

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