Newspaper review with Jennifer Forbes and Chris Peace (new Covid regulations & lack of support for small businesses, refugee camp fire, Labour defence policy, ‘should the left be critical of Starmer?’)

Julia Bard on ageism within society and on the left.

Clash of the CLPs with Camberwell & Peckham, Stoke South and Southampton.

Plus Don Biswas, Patrick Monahan, Suzy Bennett and ‘Pennies’ from Robb Johnson to end the show.

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  1. Great show and these were (and hopefully will be again) great candidates for the LP, that it was great to get to know more.

    Totally on board re treatment of older people in pandemic, but very surprised to hear Julia speak about people on the left – as tbh it is Starmer who needs to lead the charge to stop C19+ people being discharged into care homes – a crime that is being perpetrated now (I’m writing on 27th September).

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