During a parliamentary debate last week, Angela Rayner called out ‘Scum’ while a Conservative MP was speaking against free school meals being provided for children.

Subsequently over 100 Tory MPs have signed an open letter urging Keir Starmer to take action against all Labour Party members who perpetrate ‘unacceptable abuse online and offline’.

The letter, signed by 112 MPs, says Rayner’s language led to the phrase ‘Tory scum’ trending on Twitter, abusive phone calls and MPs’ offices being targeted.

The mainstream media has run several stories on this that have deflected from the issue of the government failing to address food poverty.

On Wednesday’s Labour Grassroots, we speak to Labour members across the country about whether they think it is acceptable to call Tories ‘scum’ (or express similar hostility) or whether it is counter-productive.

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