‘Not the Andrew Marr Show’ featured a discussion on Zoom about the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn, his subsequent reinstatement and the failure of Keir Starmer to return the Labour whip to him.

We heard from Thelma Walker, who had resigned from the Labour Party. And from three Labour members who were supportive of Keir Starmer’s position.

Then Howard Beckett, an NEC representative for Unite, spoke. And, within minutes, people were asking for his speech to be put out on social media.

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  1. I sat listening to this speech by Howard Beckett this morning.

    Anyone who truly believes in justice equality and democracy must surely stand up against those who would abuse those basic hhuman rights.

    And if you don’t have the energy to exhibit the determined resistance shown here by Howard, then you must at least support those that are. We will all suffer the same if you don’t.

    But, by equal measure, we will all reap ghe rewards if we do.

    What are you going to do?

    1. I am already doing it and would go further – we need a change of leader who was neither open nor honest when he was standing as an election candidate – IMHO he deliberated mislead good members, used to Corbyn’s honesty, and rightly expecting the same from Starmer although only after did Starmer, because he Had to, come clean about the extent to which he was reliant on Wealthy backers who are not friends to Socialism or the Party. My neck is, of course already on the block.

      1. Whole heartedly agree with you June and Howard’s speech was marvellous.
        If the lies don’t come out in the court action it will be a huge miscarriage of Justice.
        I notice that nothing about the interference of the Zionists and Netanyahu has been mentioned.
        The Zionists supplied the money for Starmer’s leadership bid and others also their hands in the pot. And, the disgusting payout to the liars from Labour coffers because Starmer could not let the truth come out as he does not in the court case.
        Our Party is being dragged through the dirt because the rightwing leadership cannot let their backers down and make them realise that we are a Socialist Party and always will be.
        We will fight to the end to keep our Party foww what it was set up for to support the working man/women and all those affected by rightwing injustice.

  2. Well done Howard for your efforts in helping JC and for exposing the lies.#istandwithjeremycorbyn

  3. This was stirring stuff. If we heard more from Howard Beckett on the national media the public would have the truth about the witch hunt and vendetta against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left.

      1. I’ve made a Google transcript if it’s of any use. The publisher’s here are welcome to email me for the link, if so.

  4. I found Howard Becketts speech inspiring. Having joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn I was beginning to despair as to the direction the party was heading. Hopefully party members will hear H B’s speech and give thought. I am not an activist and at 75 years of age will have to leave the fight to others.

    1. Come on now Pam We can all carry on the fight for what we believe in and I have a year on you and have friends older than I am who can type and spread the word.
      As to Howard’s speech it is a truly superb piece that needs to be listened to by all Labour members so that they might be enthused but also informed that we will not be allowing a dictatorial element to take over the Party without us putting up a fight.
      Onwards and upwards.eh?

    2. I’m older than you, and I think we still can contribute by standing firm with Jeremy, not leaving the party and supporting those who are younger and fighting for a socialist future.

    1. I loved Howard’s talk and Jeremy and think he was the best thing t happen to Labour for years. But we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that as a leader in the end he did fail. It’s not everyone else’s fault eg Murdoch media bias fear of someone who supports Palestine and socialism, it was something else, what was it comrades?

  5. Brilliant, myself and my family will become members again when KS is no longer Leader of the Labour Party, just like thousands of others, especially the younger generation!

  6. Well said Howard, I am pleased to hear these truths and that people want to hear your words of truth , Keir Starmer needs to hear them, he needs to know if he doesn’t follow Labour polices then he needs to cross the floor and sit on the opposite benches.
    He has done terrible injustice to Jeremy Corbyn who would never have put up with racism against anyone and is an amazing Leader with brilliant ideas to make our country a better, fairer place to live, where we could be proud to put the Great back in Britain

    1. I’m rooting for JC, Starmer should be a
      shamed of himself for wh

      at he’s done to the party and he doesn’t put much of a show compared to Jeremy he used to get the Government reverting to same old story and lies. Sorry but I cannot vote for Labour whilst Starmer as leader, I’m 73 now and only once and that was against that Tory Blair
      So we cannot wait for another 3 years to get shut of that Starmer

  7. Fabulous, Howard Beckett!! Respect!
    He has succinctly and roundly summarised what is happening and the disgusting, unfounded attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour movement! I salute you!

  8. This Man Howard Beckett who speaks the truth and common sense should be invited on to all the tv stations to debate what has gone on in the labour party with those in the party who are making untrue annd unjust statements to the media
    So that the public who have the right to hear both sides views and especially those views that the biased media have not allowed to be heard up to now

  9. What a fabulous statement by this man.. Starmer should Resign.. He is “Not Fit For Purpose”

  10. What is rare is wonderful ! Speaking truth to power! Let’s hope Howard can get the support his position ought to command from his colleagues on the NEC. And from the SCG and in the wider PLP.

  11. Brilliant, thank you for bearing your heartfelt commitment for Jeremy Corbyn and your socialist beliefs in truth and fairness for a better future for all in this country.

  12. An extremely well educated and truthful assessment of the current situation in the Labour Party well spoken by an honest man

  13. thank you so much of shareing you views on where you stand within our party it just seems to many of us that starmer is acting like boris doing what ever he wants a famous person onces said that a man is judged by his deeds not his words and that’s what attracted so many to the labour party because they now his back ground and what he stands for the fact remains that starmer had not the right to intervean when he did becausermy had broken no rules as a ex-leader to go threw this by the new leader only shows the torries our weakness and allows them to sin more lies about Jeremy many of us now believe that starmer acting the way he did about victemising one of the party senor members is, in fact, starmer trying to re-and force that he is the leader and those who dont like it better get inline or will face similar treatment we all believe that starmer has over stepped and broke labours rules and tarnished labours image as an effective party against the torries when we needed labour to challenge this corrupt goverment i for one feel let down because starmer has failed to change on many issues torries have lied and past the book and come out with the mostincompatent rules we know of like the rule of six but you can work with over 75 people kids in school are put in the same risk in the mean time numbers are going up the trace and trace system is completely crap and starmer sits on the bench we are all looking thinking what the hell there’s no inquireys over anything the torries are doing it just seems that starmer is taking the torrie side rather than what he was elected for i truly believe by starmers actions he alone should be removed from leader ship he i believe has lost the confidence of the labour party members to lead because we only see him cause deviation within the party instead of uniting it

  14. Well said I completely agree with every word said it brought tears of hope to hear every word

    1. I was moved to tears, as well. I was beginning to give up hope but this has reenergised me.

  15. we see torries getting hudge amounts of money and spending it on crap we hear him talk about 16 billion invested in our ourmed forces great but say little or nothing about exsermen and women who have ever left because of ill health or finished there time but a lot of theses people have just been left to there own devices with no support many have just been left on the street our nhs who has been fighting ruthlessly no menchine of investment only a pay freeze a few weeks ago we were all standing on a Thursday night clapping how insulted they must have felt we heard that the torries were going to get a 11% pay rise while many of us seen on tv that most of the mps were a sleep that’s really building confidence within our country a time when a pandemic is ragging on or streets and mp s sleeping but yet again starmer hardly saying nothing to the torries this is heaven and it is their runnuning rings round the men and women that work so hard to protect its health we see fighting gale hospital pop up all over the place when the couldn’t even get the right ppe equipment some had to reuse again starmer failed 22.000 senor citasens died the goverment said there’s a ring of protection round the i think he meant the goverment because they seem to do what they want when they want to who ever they want and no one is asking for an inquiry and if there are no one is backing the call for one this is a time that labour could of took its place as a reakignsing force against the torries in the mean time there breaking their own rules and laws were our party as soon as we see him we just know he is not going to fully protest it just gives us the impression he’s more bothered about looseing his title.

  16. What a brilliant analysis. Thank you so much Howard for all you are doing to support Jeremy Corbyn, the membership and the fight for Democratic Socialism. #Solidarity

    1. A few months back in our branch meeting a member who we hadn’t seen before was welcomed into a meeting. He was a man in his 60’s or 70’s and he was, unusually for a new member, shaking like a leaf. On the agenda was a discussion of a motion in response to Trump’s intervention on Palestine. It was critical of the Israeli government and had recommendations regarding a way forward. It became obvious in the discussion that this man was Jewish and had come to the meeting expecting us to make anti Semitic judgements and gratuitously attack issues close to his heart and that he had bravely stealed himself to defend Judaism single handedly. In fact he ended up making only one very small amendment and agreeing with much of the points in the debate and the frown on his face evaporated into a big smile and there were enthusiastic handshakes all round, as he said how much he enjoyed the meeting and how impressed he was with the knowledge of the members. He said he had dreaded coming to the meeting as he expected hostility and unpleasantness and found himself surrounded by supportive comrades who he had enjoyed debating with. This shows you just how horrible it must be for ordinary Jewish members to read the lies in the media and imagine that the Labour Party is full of hostile anti semites when nothing could be further from the truth. I know Corbyn was speaking to those people and their fears when he discussed proportionality of anti Semitic abuse in the Labour Party after the EHRC report.

  17. Thank goodness we have someone who has taken the time to get to the root of the injustice that JC has suffered, by both the Media and the new Labour Leader who has more than a hint of coming from the Right of the Party. He basically jumped on the bandwagon of prejudiced media, and Tory battle plans to become the current leader.

  18. So, eloquently put, Howard. Thank you.

    You speak for so, so many people, who have had their voices muted.

  19. Time for Jermy Corbyn and all of his masses of supporters to start a new movement but same principles: the Democratic party. Far more appealing than “Labour” and far more attractive to the floating middle classes.

  20. Schools should never have been open
    KS made gross error in supporting the Sociopathic BJ

  21. Excellent – I share Howard’s views and we need a robust defence of free speech both within the Party and outside as well as proper independent disciplinary procedures. No gagging and more democracy inside Labour to help build a red green movement

  22. Wow! That is the best analysis I have seen. We nned more of this out there to counter the right wing narrative.

  23. Fantastic response. I am one who has finally, reluctantly, left the Party because I will not give my time and money to support Starmer’s disgusting regime. If Howard Beckett is successful, I’ll be back.

    1. So, Gail, you will let others fight the battle for you? Howard Beckett is fighting for the Party you will never get back if you resign and let #keith have his way unopposed. The votes to revoke Jeremy’s suspension came from NEC members who were in a position to do so only because they were chosen by paid up Members. Food for thought? #wbg43

  24. Every single socialist stands behind JC, he is a man of honour who wants the best for the working class, he has spent his life defending racism, antisemitism and the leader of labour should hang his head in shame at the way he has treated this great man of peace

  25. Howard Beckett tells the truth. Battle for soul of Labour Party is happening. Lord Adonis wants Blair back and Blair wants back. We members want socialism with our comrades Corbyn and Beckett.

  26. Absolutely brilliant speech Howard Becket, thank you! While there are still people like you in the party I will never leave. I will stay and use my member’s vote wherever I can to make sure that true Labour is restored….

  27. Thank you Howard for clarifying and bringing focus onto the wider issues around Kier Starmer’s leadership. For your continued support of Jeremy Corbyn, democracy, the workers and the vulnerable people within our society.
    The power to make real changes comes from the left, from a socialist Labour ✊

  28. Thank you Howard for clarifying and bringing focus onto the wider issues around Kier Starmer’s leadership. For your continued support of Jeremy Corbyn, democracy, the workers and the vulnerable people within our society.
    The power to make real changes comes from the left, from a socialist Labour ✊

  29. Was gutted to have to miss this meet up, that was the best analysis of Labours present situation I’ve heard and now understand much better. Thank you.
    Would it be possible to have the whole session available to listen to, for those of us that have missed it. Or is it already somewhere. I’m not particularly tech minded so a link would be good?

  30. Thanks Howard Beckett for explaining everything so clearly.
    You are and right. Corbyn has done nothing wrong.
    Starmer is failing the working people by attacking Corbyn instead of the Tories

  31. Thanks Howard Beckett for explaining everything so clearly.
    You are and right. Corbyn has done nothing wrong.
    Starmer is failing the working people by attacking Corbyn instead of the Tories

  32. I am absolutely fuming about the smearing of JC, a good honest caring man, he should be our PM, heartbroken for him,shed many a ? get starmer out!

  33. Howard thank you so much for your words. I think everyone should message LBC with this clip. I have sent it to James O’Brien. He is a fair man generally but for unknown reasons has always been unfairly against Jeremy. He can change his mind and would be a good person to have on the side of socialism

  34. Why don’t people get to hear Howard Beckett on MSM news programmes? He puts Labour MPs to shame with his knowledge, understanding and passion.

  35. The only way to return decency to Labour is for Jeremy corbyn to lead a new Labour Party there are to many Tory light Blairite MPs in the present one replace andstart anew

  36. This is the real truth of the situation. Starmer is attacking all members of the party not just Corbyn.

  37. This man is a genius. He’s encapsulated all Kier Starmers failures in this speech and I’m sure it reflects the feelings of the majority of the Labour left. I would support this man if he was to put himself up for leader of the Labour Party. He at least needs to to have a senior position. It’s refreshing to have someone who has a clear idea of events and can relate them in a way even I can understand. Very well done Sir.

  38. Howard Beckett
    Absolutely spot on, a marvellous truthful factual speech!
    I’m with you all the way!

  39. This is a speech upholding the values and the soul of Socialism which is fundamentally the the beating heart of the Labour movement ,Socialism is what we were founded on ,and we will fight to keep it.

  40. It is so refreshing to hear such clear, concise and truthful comments. I resigned from the Labour Party as soon as Jeremy was suspended. I have no regrets in doing so because it was the only way that I could make my protest heard. We need a root-and-branch sort-out of the Party because it doesn’t start or end with Starmer.

  41. Fantastic speech – thank you, Terry Deans, for articulating the imperative to fight for Labour and support Corbyn with such passion and clarity.

  42. What a wonderful man is Howard Beckett! Thank you sir for your clear and unequivocal statements on the truth of the situation in which Labour now finds itself. The Tory controlled MSM has ensured a coup against Corbyn with their orchestrated campaign accusing the Party of antisemitism. They succeeded in replacing Corbyn with their preferred version of Blair. For a supposed professional lawyer, Starmer’s behaviour has been seriously lacking in intelligent reasoning regarding the rules! He has placed himself in a ridiculous position which is untenable, and has, in effect, alienated a large number of Labour Party members. He simply HAS to go!

  43. I totally agree all the years Jeremy Corbyn has been in the Labour Party he has given hundreds of speeches at rallies across Britain for everyone suffering any kind of Hardship and protecting Socialism which I agree with. What the Conservatives have tried to do is tell sheer lies and carry on their under handed tactics because they are so totally Incompetant and Shameful they have not only tried to destroy Jeremy but have totally destroyed Britain and killed thousands of people by their inaction in 2019 knowing Britain was facing a Pandemic. JEREMY Corbyn deserves the place he has been for many years A speaker For the people in Westminster.

  44. This man should be leading the labour party, absolutely fantastic. I will not be a member of Labour while Starmer and his cronies are leading, reinstate Corbin fully and turn this around and I will be a member again.

  45. Bravo, and thanks. I will now not resign from the Party, having been a member since the 1060s. Good luck and best wishes.

  46. wow His comments and the response made by other people made me shiver with excitement while regretting leaving the party. His speech was a clarion call for all socialists particularly those still in Labour’s left. Howard is a leader in the making look after him!

    1. Mick Coakley, I feel exactly the same. I left after I read the report, I was disgusted by it. However listening to Howard has summed up for me what others have said about staying in the party, I’m going to have to re-join and fight the good fight. I am a socialist, I am behind Jeremy Corbyn and I should be fighting with him from the inside.

  47. Thank you so much for speaking out with such truth, integrity and political insight.
    I wept with relief and gratitude that you are out there –

  48. A man who says what most of us members think and does it so eloquently and with much passion
    He makes me want to stay and fight now.

  49. Thank you Howard for putting so eloquently and so precisely what a lot of members like myself who lack your great skill to do so feel about the current sate of the Labour Party

  50. So, Gail, you will let others fight the battle for you? Howard Beckett is fighting for the Party you will never get back if you resign and let #keith have his way unopposed. The votes to revoke Jeremy’s suspension came from NEC members who were in a position to do so only because they were chosen by paid up Members. Food for thought? #wbg43

  51. Everyone in the Labour Party needs to hear this…everyone with a conscience needs to hear this.

  52. Thank you so much for this analysis Mr Bennett. I think you will find there are thousands of supporters who agree. I have always understood that the N.E.C. is the executive body of Labour duly elected by its members. Due process has been followed the N.E.C. have ruled and Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated how therefore can Keir Starmer refuse him the Whip. Antisemitism is evil and any member found guilty of it or any other form of abuse should be kicked out of the party. It would be useful to know how many C.L.P.’s receive these sort of complaints, if they dealt with them and their outcomes. With the publication of the hit list it would also appear that a concerted effort is going to be made by the Leader to rid the party of members on the Left,The heart of the party will be destroyed if he tries and succeeds. Please continue the fight for Democratic Socialism. ## Solidarity

  53. Everything Howard Beckett says is everything I think and believe. He is a great speaker and I wish he would stand against Keir Starmer as leader of the Labour Party.

  54. Absolutely brilliant and incisive analysis of Starmers subversion iof natural justice,assault on democracy and freedom of speech and on socialism itself.
    Starmer MUST GO.We cannot have a ruthless,unprincipled and unscrupulous character like this as opposition leader.

  55. Brilliant, brilliant exposé by Howard Beckett – thank God we have people like him in our Labour party.

  56. This is first-class. He says it all, we need to Tweet and re-Tweet this speech – he debunks and destroys all of the right-wing arguments and shatters their presumptions.

  57. That was brilliant and impassioned! There is a lot of rubbish out there about Jeremy Corbyn being Lleader again ! Jeremy won’t stand again, but anyone Jeremy stands beside, has a brilliant chance. This is what Starmer does not understand -and has shown himself to be weak , in the face or the Tories /BOD /and even other Labour members’ (to their shame) siren calls to be tough on Corbyn! OR -Is it that Kier Starmer he feels Jeremy’s personal popularity is a threat to his popularity ( Note – not Leadership) Pathetic! – but I’m convinced its the major factor in this rash decision!

  58. My word, I see Me Beckett as a force to be reckoned with. He summarised everything that I wishes to say but much more eloquently and fact based. Thank you Mr Beckett. Much appreciated

  59. What a wonderful speech and analysis by Howard Beckett of the dire situation created by the right within Labour in their effort to reduce it to a non socialist party. One point we would add to Howard’s analysis is the role of the Israeli lobby in attempting to undermine Corbyn’s position due to his opposition to the illegal Israeli land grab of Palestinian territory, for therein lies the engine driving the spurious attacks on Corbyn and the Labour left.

  60. A very profound and just statement I agree 100% a great misjudgment has been made against a true socialist Jeremy Corbyn did not deserve what happened to him and I stand by him

  61. As I am a Member of the Labour Party it is important that the NEC Member Howard Beckett’s speech is made available to myself and other Labour Party Members

  62. Kier Starmer totally tried to destroy our way of thiking our way f life our attitudes o correct Labour grass rootes was punished by dissmisal by Kier Starmer, just because we are true Labour Leaders, so he deserved to be forensically destroyed here is another shock there are at this mornings count counted Dailey 69.95 % of members agreeing for me to demand Starmers Resignation favour please can you get this posted so that NEC And Starmer get wind of his we are barred at moment this is on behalf of He Real Socialist Labour Party 2019 with a massive call from members for his resignation on the grounds of no confidence and destroying what was started in 1908 reiterated by Bevan in 1949. The man is not Labour. But for want of a better name is The New Labcon Party take care stay well beware here is a Starmer snitch in every group yours most Sincerey paddy Molson Co founder of above group and party empathy, Care, Love, and for the Many, are my message to all left and Center left members triyghoytvoyr 4 Nation Union x

  63. This speech is so well argued, so full of passion but also so rational and reasonable it should be heard by every member of the Labour Party.

  64. Hear Hear Howard Beckett! We have to Take Our Labour Party Back!- We are Not Centre or Right leaning – there are other Parties for those! Keir Hardie formed the Labour party just 120yrs. ago to Represent the then 98%+ Workers- that didn’t even yet have the right to vote -or have a say in the kind of SOCIETY they and their loved one’s lived in or their futures! By Invading and Usurping Our Socialist Labour Party – the rights of the Majority Group of citizens in the UK are again being – negated – by the Right wing 3% Minority. Now especially with millions of Workers from all areas of the Work-force encompassing -shop-floor workers, managers and business Owners – Not belonging to the top 1-3% Elite with Inherited Wealth – or Capitalist £Billionaires with Huge Amassed Wealth – are ‘All Workers’ that have to earn a Living and Keep their Livelihoods going – to ‘keep the wolf from the door!’ Yes Keir Starmer should realise that – He Does NOT represent the Lucky – Entitled few and BIG Corporate Bosses. He should be Fighting for the 97% Many of who’m are Losing their Work and Livelihoods and without – MMT’s or large Bank accounts to see them through are facing even more DISASTER, he is supposed to be Leader of the Labour Party not the Manager of another ‘Bliarite – Tory B.Team’

  65. Scorcher.

    I would have to guess that after 27 years Jeremy Corbyn’s local CLP support him fully, so how does Keir Starmer feel about cutting that thread? It reminds me of how popes would excommunicate monarchs, supposedly dooming the subjects to damnation as well, however they might feel about it. But listening to the members doesn’t seem to be Keith’s strong suit.

  66. Is it not time to serve notice to this failed leadership that there should be a leadership contest? We need to call out the charade of party unity that Sir Keir spun in winning the support of those members who previously supported Corbyn. There can be no peace and unity without justice. Clearly the ex public prosecutor sees justice as a game and thinks it is something he can play with to ingratiate himself with the establishment. A leadership challenge would if anything allow for a proper debate about the EHRC report and force the current leadership to defend the indefensible in the full glare of the public. New Leadership. What a good idea!

  67. Wow. Just wow. Bull’s-eye. Every word spoken on point, on target. Shame on Keir Starmer, what an imposter. Thank you, Howard Beckett for centering the issue of inequality, for actually reading the EHCR report, for standing up for natural justice. Thank you for fighting this, for defending the Labour Party’s commitment and its record, second to none, standing against racism. Thank you for taking it personally. This is a personal issue.

  68. The speech by NEC Member Howard Beckett was excellent. I am an absolute supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, he has been a brillient Leader of the Labour Party, which he has served all his adult life, and he should be fully reinstated to The Labour Party with the Whip restored immediately. Jeremy is and has been a remarkable MP throughout his political life. Supporting all those experiencing prejudice, whether racial, religious, or any form of prejudice including antisemitism. His rise to Leadership inspired many thousands, many who had become disinterested in politics, thousands of young people found his talks inspiring, giving them real hope for their future. He is the reason I joined the Labour Party, and he is the reason I am still a member, and I will always give him my absolute support. How could a politician of his stature be suspended from the Labour Party, someone who has given so much, and should be seen as an example to all politicians of how they should be. This dignified compassionate man has done Nothing wrong, he has spent his entire political career doing so much good for which he is known throughout the world. Socialism is about compassion, kindness and respect, and he is a perfect example of all these qualities and so much more. Jeremy Corbyn must be reinstated to the Labour Party and have the Whip restored immediately.

  69. We rely on the honesty of people when they come to join the labour party. We believe them, when they argue in opposition to government policy. But it appears that some people selectively oppose some government policy because that particular opposition suits their own personal agenda. It’s about time that we clarified the labour party constitution and make it publicly known that first and foremost the labour party is a socialist movement and not a place for disgruntled neoliberals to hang about because they oppose some aspects of Laissez-faire economics and very little of anything else in Tory policy.

  70. The membership who voted for Starmer were misled.
    We should have know that voting for a man who helped to organise the chicken coup with the overwhelming majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party with the aid of Peter Mandleson Tony Blair Tom Watson and the National Secretary Ian McNicol and most of his full time staff at HQ and Regional offices as so as we the membership elected Jeremy Corbyn would move against that membership and the Leader.
    Most of the PLP never accepted Corbyn and remained hostile throughout two General Elections.
    The gave credibility to the mass media accusations of antisemitism being rife in the membership and to the demands of outside organisations many of which supported the Tories in those elections.
    He has ignored the views of Jewish members organisations who support Labour
    He has ignored the procedures of the PLP rulebook over withdrawal of the whip and undermined NEC unfairly criticising the disciplinary procedures in the National rulebook.
    We must move motions of confidence in him and the National Secretary David Evans who has said that he believes that structures representative democracy should be eliminted from the party.
    They both must go as soon as possible
    Thank you Howard for putting the arguments so succinctly

  71. It’s jc4us
    For the many not the few
    Care for those who need
    Keep the nhs free to all as required

  72. Truly moving and excellent speech by Howard Becket His grasp of the issues explained so coherently ,A must to be shared by the membership

  73. Thank you Howard Beckett for this inspiring speech. You have made a situation clear which has made me feel I can now carry this forward in various conversations I have
    in which the truth of all this is slanted, muddled and naive. You have given me confidence in my own position as a long time supporter of a decent and honest man.
    Thank you again. Go well.

  74. Honestly, Labour are a complete joke, Tories are making a mess of everything and all Labour can do is squabble and ensure a fractured party with zero chance of election

  75. Powerful and very welcome. Particularly well made point that the EHRC condemned leadership for hastening hearings on AS complaints. And that is where the EHRC should be criticised. To say McNichol’s go slow to undermine Corbyn on AS complaints should not have been addressed and then criticise Corbyn for the same go slow by staff under McNicol, revealed in the Labour Report/Leaks, makes no sense at all.

  76. Howard, you have convinced me that there is still hope! That was the best speech I’ve heard for many a day and has inspired me, as Jeremy did (I too only joined the party after hearing JC) to continue to fight for what we know is right; thank you!

  77. The Corbyn way has failed. It resulted in electoral disaster. If you really wanted to help the disabled and poor you’d work towards a Labour win in 2024. To bring about any change at all Labour has to be in power. All that results from a quixotic quest for pure socialism or bust is enabling the Tories and increasing the likelihood they’ll stay in power. The disabled and poor deserve better than that.

  78. Has Grassroots published the text of this brilliant speech? I would certainly appreciate a copy. I’m the Chair of Chingford and Woodford Green CLP. We have a motion tabled for our GM meeting on 30th November and I would like to use much of Howard’s analysis in my opening remarks.

  79. I am thankful for and encouraged by this speech. To set out so clearly what has been, and is, wrong within the Labour Party. I have been on the brink of leaving but I also will join the fight in whatever way I can. I was not sure how Keir Starmer would act as a leader and now I am completely dismayed in the direction he is trying to take the party.

  80. —– Forwarded message —–
    From: George T Hickman
    Sent: Saturday, 31 October 2020, 13:14:55 GMT
    Subject: corbyn

    the suspension of corbyn was not a question of if but when, starmers statement as new leader after the defeat in the general election- ” i want to unite the LP” then promptly sacks all the shadow cabinet, with the last one being long bailey said it all, bearing in mind he, along side the other treacherous lot, help bring it about by insisting on a second referendum when the majority of us voted to leave.
    his interview on this was a classic, “it was corbyn’s own fault, he shouldn’t have said anything, besides that it wasn’t me, i do not want a civil war in the party”, reminded me of a lowly manager dispatched by directors to spy and dig the dirt on a leading union rep, to get him the sack, regardless whether it was lies or not- “honestly it wasn’t me guv”, starmers got more faces than a town hall clock.
    the report, written by a bunch of tory middle class socialist detesters, was overblown to say the least and was bound to be so, with the involvement of the likes of himself, hodges, austin and all, not forgetting the LP staffers and JML, and they expected corbyn not to defend himself- or did they?
    this attack on corbyn has wider implications on the whole movement, already i have been told that countless thousands are ready to walk away from the LP, is this what they want?
    comrades, backs might be against the wall, but its not the time to sit and whine, talk of another new party – been done before- is not the answer, the whole of our class depends on a fight back and it’s best done from inside.
    as an industrial union our fight has been for the repeal of anti- union laws, only achievable with a socialist government headed by the likes of corbyn, the LP is the mass party of our class, it was created by us, it belongs to us, so lets take it back, not done if comrades walk away from this fight, if corbyn and his allies walk away we can think again but that aint gonna happen.
    what is to be done?
    a number of constituencies- branches, members, in our region have been suspended, let alone instructed not to discuss this or any other issues, are you really going to continue to accept this?
    struggle chucks up it’s own leaders in of a vacuum of leadership, so do it, call the meetings, decide your tactics and action, and above all act on them, not just sign petitions, get outside the regional HQ, do not take no for an answer.
    defend corbyn, defend socialism, show that you will not let a gang of interlopers, infiltrators and opportunist take what’s rightfully ours.
    we belong to a fighting back union, so get of your arses and fight back.
    what have yo got to lose- but your chains.

  81. Well said Howard Beckett you were so clear and inspiring and I’m so happy that we have people like you with the compassion & fight to stand up for JC and the truth.
    The whip MUST be restored to JC. Its disgusting & vile how JC has been vilified in the public eye and more importantly via the Labour Leader that has little experience compared to JC. I never heard KS attack the Tories it’s all appeasement and bowing to them he’s NOT holding them to account for anything.
    Thank god we have Howard Beckett. ?

  82. I could not interrupt Howard Bennett”s speech for one blink of an eye!!! Wonderful words passionately spoken! Thank you so much for sharing. What now?

  83. We need Howard Beckett to take over from. Kier Starmer as Labour leader. We need a real labour socialist workers party that fights racism / imperialism / pay / equality & bullying in the work place!

  84. Fight against homelessness / social affordable housing to rent & buy. Bring back legal aid to install justice in court cases. Minimum wage of £12 an hour. No more funding or expansion in the weapons industry for supporting war purposes! Continue foreign aid help for poorer nation’s. Invest in NHS funding . NHS. Not for sale to the USA. No privatisation of health services!

  85. I was a massive Corbyn supporter but I’m baffled why many of similar minded people have decided to wage a war against their own party? It is damaging to Labour’s election prospects for you all to be shouting and screaming about how unfair it is to suspend Corbyn. Why can’t you all just work with the current leadership?

    It seems you all would prefer a hard left Labour party that is never in power over a more moderate party that can win an election. Corbyn is a great man but cannot win an election. Maybe in another 10/20 years when the demographics will shift to allow a radical left party to come to power but at the moment can we not just accept Starmer and let him get on with his job.

    Why couldn’t Corbyn just apologise for the hurt he has caused to Jewish labour members, even though unintentional, and get on with his work in trying to make society fairer. Instead he is making himself a martyr for no good reason.

    Who would you all prefer as our next PM – Starmer or Johnson/Sunak? Because that is your choice. Corbyn is not going to be leader again.

  86. All this vitriol and anger is getting Labour nowhere. Kier Starmer ( the democratically elected leader of this party) has a chance of being elected as PM. Jeremy Corbyn failed as a leader and that is why he is not the leader now. Jeremy Corbyn did not respond to the findings of an independent report on AS appropriately. Given Kier Starmer’s statement on AS his position on the whip is entirely understandable (No Mr Beckett our leader is NOT in breach of any rule or of natural justice!) If you believe in socialism and want a socialist government stop focusing on one man and support the Labour Party. Unfortunately in order to get into Government Labour needs to attract many voters who have supported the Tories recently, so Labour needs to attract people other than staunch Socialists. More importantly, as a race we have no future AT ALL unless Labour gets into Government and changes the money grasping Tory policies with a new sustainable economy and fairer distribution of wealth. Please all stay with the party, be passionate but try and see past JC and focus on the bigger picture

  87. Actually, thinking about it this screeching from a tiny part of the electorate may help Labour in the long run. Corbyn was toxic in many parts of the country, and seeing Starmer having to fight the radical left wing of the party may help him gain more moderate voters which are desperately needed for Labour to get into power.

    Something like 50,000 members have left over the last 6 months because of Starmer? Big deal, we lost the last election by almost 4 million votes. We aren’t going to find those votes from the socialists in the UK, they will come from the centre.

    Let Sir Kier get into power and then we can make some real progress. Until then you are all just shouting into the wind.

  88. How inspiring! Thank you Howard Beckett, you have just explained very eloquently why I should re-join Labour after leaving in April. You are better to make changes from the inside than the outside.

  89. So well put. What on Earth is happening when the vast proportion of Labour members want exactly this. If Starmer does not listen to us and act, members need to act decisively if we are who leaving, the campaigning lifeblood, are to believe it has credibility.

  90. Howard Beckett succinctly sums up my feelings over the shameful treatment of Jeremy Corbyn. A man with an illustrious political career – spent fighting for socialist values, for fighting racism and anti-Semitism. Jeremy Corbyn is an inspiration to true socialist and the values they hold dear.

    Starmer and his deputy Raynor have set their line in the sand, when they both accepted a large political donation from an Israeli Lobbyist. They have been prepared to fight for and even abstain for, a self-declared apartheid state.

    Today, this is not the Labour Party that I was a member of. Like the Blair years the stench was too strong, that pinching my nose was not enough. When socialism returns to Labour then and only then will I. Until such time, I refuse to work for, canvas for, knock on doors for and fund this shameful party.

  91. Well said Howard Becket. A clear message to members : stay and make your voice heard. Given the electoral system in this country there is no future for another party. The Labour Party is a party whose main objective is to protect workers’ rights and changes within it since the late nineties have been a travesty of the principles and values that it had previously uphold.

  92. I have to listen to Howard when I feel the faith slipping away from me.
    Stand with him 100% .. . to ensure that our party represents all members .. For the Many!!

  93. This is brilliant! Re-energised me. Is there any chance of a clip of just the section where HB speaks of the increase in money for the stock market from 2008 compared to the reduction in salary for workers? I genuinely think that this data could be a vote changer even at local election level.

  94. Well said Kier Starmer is not working on behalf of the working class he has been a very weak opposition leader and treated Jeremy Corbyn abhorrently I will not vote Labour with Starmer as leader

  95. JC should be back as Leader full stop! KS and his shadow cabinet those who brought JC down should resign…..The Tories will have them that’s for sure…They got KS in as Leader. Bring back JC….bring Labour back to thier roots!

  96. What a brilliant talk Howard Becket this morning-so uplifting his support for Jeremy.

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