Over two-thirds of Labour members support Angela Rayner’s use of the word ‘scum’ during a debate on Free School Meals last week.

A survey of 800 people taken by Labour Grassroots also found that 70% of Labour members believe the Conservatives are ‘morally wrong’.

Interestingly, over 55% of those surveyed had family members who voted Conservative and 50% got on well with them!

Animosity towards Conservatives and particularly Conservative MPs has escalated following the defeat of Labour’s proposal for Free School Meals during holidays.

And it hasn’t been helped by subsequent remarks from Conservative MPs.

Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield, suggested on Twitter that school meal vouchers in the summer went ‘direct to a crack den and brothel’. And he was backed up by Mark Jenkinson, Tory MP in Workington, who said: ‘I know in my constituency that, as tiny a minority as it might be, food parcels are sold or traded for drugs’.

These inflammatory remarks have co-incided with a few incidents of vandalism as well as threats of violence towards Conservative MPs, their staff and family. This has undermined Labour’s position and emboldened Conservative MPs to the point that a letter has been sent to Keir Starmer calling for him to take action against all party members who perpetrate ‘unacceptable abuse online and offline’.

  • On Wednesday’s Labour Grassroots, we will be speaking to Labour members across the country about their feelings on this issue and will reveal the full findings of the survey.

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  1. I voted that Tories are “Morally Wrong”, but I was not in favour of using the abusive term “scum”, however much I might have enjoyed using it! We forfeit the moral high ground, when we become abusive, and then lose votes … unnecessarily.

  2. Sadly this result means we have around 30% potential Tory collaborateurs in our own ranks! Time for a purge?

  3. Denouncing whole swathes of the population as morally defective announces one’s own moral superiority. How, on that basis can we convince the millions who we need to switch their votes to Labour?
    Using one’s claimed moral superiority to justify verbal abuse just compounds the problem.
    Political understanding only begins when we understand the reasons why decent people can be drawn to a political outlook that we reject.

  4. Considering that people on the left support Karl Marx, an Anti-Semite who’s ideology caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, this latest article only confirms what I already knew, how fitting Mr Roger Luffman is talking about purges, I’m sure he has a poster of Stalin on his bedroom wall

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