Labour Grassroots carried out a survey of Labour members and we received nearly 1,000 replies.

The survey included questions about the Government’s existing strategy as well as proposed changes to lockdown.

It is clear that respondents were opposed not only to future moves to end lockdown, but also to some of the lifting of restrictions that have already taken place (especially regarding reopening pubs and restaurants).

There were, however, a majority who would feel comfortable attending political events with social distancing.

These are the results of the survey:

Do you think the government should have locked down on 23rd March?

  • Yes – 6.5%
  • No, it should have been earlier – 89.5%
  • No, lockdown wasn’t necessary – 2.5%
  • Other – 1.5%

(Comments included: ‘It should have been earlier – the WHO called for a lockdown in January when Johnson missed all the Cobra meetings.’)

Do you consider it irresponsible to reopen pubs and restaurants?

  • Yes – 60%
  • No – 23%
  • Other – 17%

(Comments included: ‘I feel very conflicted as I work in hospitality & events but yes, I think some places are behaving very irresponsibly as are their customers. I think it will result in more cases certainly.’)

Have you been to a pub or restaurant since the end of lockdown?

  • Yes – 44%
  • No – 51%
  • Other – 5%

(Comments included: ‘Only once briefly at an outside eatery but I was so appalled at the lack of social distancing by customers and staff and their lack of PPE that I will not be doing it again any time soon.’)

Do you think masks should be mandatory in public?

  • Yes – 67%
  • No – 15%
  • Other – 18%

(Comments included: ‘It should have been brought in at the beginning, but they said no, now people have no faith in what the governement say, I believe in you use 2 meter distance in public thats save. I have a illness that makes it hard to wear a mask, but out of respect for staff and drivers I wear it when in shops and public transport.’)

Do you think all schools should reopen in September?

  • Yes – 26.5%
  • No – 39.5%
  • Other – 34%

(Comments included: ‘It should not be one size fits all. Each school should be assessed individually taking all aspects into consideration.’)

Do you think it is safe to attend an outdoor event that includes social distancing?

  • Yes – 60%
  • No – 21%
  • Other – 19%

(Comments included: ‘Safer than indoors, obviously safer if people are masked as well. Relative risk should be low.’)

Do you think sports stadia should be reopened to the public?

  • Yes – 10%
  • No – 70%
  • Other – 20%

(Comments included: ‘I’m not sure, because I haven’t seen any scientific study that suggests whether large outdoor crowds would be relatively high or low risk; so probably ‘no’ for the time being.’)

Do you think theatres should be reopened?

  • Yes – 16%
  • No – 58%
  • Other – 26%

(Comments included: ‘Not yet, though financial support should be given until its safe.’

Would you attend an outdoor political event with social distancing?

  • Yes – 54%
  • No – 32.5%
  • Other – 13.5%

(Comments included: ‘I have attended x2 BLM events but not in a city centre. I would have left if social distancing wasn’t in place but it was on both occasions. Depends what the event is!’)

Do you think anything could have been done differently?

  • Yes – 98%
  • No – 2%

(Comments included: ‘Where to start?! Govt should have locked down earlier, a proper shutdown not the nonsense we’ve seen. Greater education around Covid is needed, better government messaging, greater protections for those that have to go into work and universal basic income *for all* to help us get through the recession.)

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  1. Govmt should have tested and isolated people coming in from affected countries right from the start. The virus wouldn’t be so widespread and we would have avoided this devastating country wide lockdown and so many deaths. Millions of people have been left with little or no income. We need to ensure that people know the government messed up big time and not let them forget it!

  2. I am utterly shocked by the appalling ignorance of basic medical science that the results of your survey reflect. You seem to have swallowed whatever unscientific ,contradictory nonsense the Government and the corrupt MSM has thrown at you.
    Masks don’t work,. Cloth masks are especially dangerous. All masks can easily cause hypoxia and people build up a cesspit of bacteria on the mask as they breath onto it. Most people have no idea how to use them safely. However it makes no difference since the virus is like a grain of dust passing through a wire fence. Do some research. Professor Jonathan Nyguyen Van-Tam no less, a government spokesperson, stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the wearing of face masks by healthy people will reduce the spread of the disease. He said he had studied this for years. Did Wilbur Smith scrub this statement on the British Bullshit Corporation from your memories
    Children are almost immune from the disease and even if they get infected the majority don’t even realise.Influenza is way more dangerous for them. That is a medical fact. They are not super spreaders. This idea is based on a report which was published by a medical journal without peer review and which is based on utterly bogus science. With time we will probably discover that no children died directly from the virus. When alleged cases are investigated they turn out to be completely fake or the so called healthy children turn out to have multiple co-morbidities. Kids are key drivers of herd immunity. Sweden’s huge team of medical experts understood this and are in the process of being vindicated, despite the lies of MSM. A bit like the lies they spread about JC. Didn’t you learn anything from what happened to Jeremy. The Guardian and the BBC cannot be trusted.
    There was absolutely no need for lock down. Many people have natural immunity from the disease. They are known to Bio statisticians as dark matter. Look it up. Most people under 65 without co-morbidities are not really at risk. The dangerous charlatan Niall Ferguson knowingly ignored the existence of natural immunity. He presumed for his dodgy model that there would be 100 per cent susceptibilty in the population. This is a ridiculous assumption. Most non pharma funded independent epidemiologists consider Ferguson to be , minimum an idiot, maximum a corrupt idiot.Latest estimates put immunity to Corona at 50% and rising by the day as more data emerges. Infection Mortality rates are currently around 0.27 and eminent epidemiologists are predicting that it will go as low as .1 . In the countries where the schools stayed open or where they have reopened no teacher has been infected and died of the disease. An American teacher died. She had severe co morbidities and she and her adult pupils were all wearing masks. That worked well
    The death figures are a monumental scam. Death rates for chronic disease are at a 93 year low because deaths have been falsely re classified as from Covid. My niece works in nursing home and has direct experience of this fraud but it is happening all over the world. States in America are starting to quietly lower the death tolls as concerned citizens and doctors demand transparency. Even the hapless imbecile Matt Hancock has cottoned on to this , but a full investigation would reveal the true depth of the deception.
    The lockdown and the unnecessary closure of hospital wards will lead to way more deaths from chronic diseases which go untreated than any lives saved. Depression leading to suicide is going through the roof. Child abuse is going unnoticed with no one to report it and domestic abuse is sky rocketing. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs and as you must know this is just the beginning.
    And then have a look at the excess mortality rate which has been going down for weeks. This is the only death rate that matters . It’s difficult to falsify this one. They have with sleight of hand switched from deaths to cases. To get the cases up they are sending testing teams out to people’s homes to test perfectly well people. The more tests of perfectly well people, the more cases trumpeted on the MSM . This is what happened in Leicester. The testing went through the roof. Nobody is dying and the cases are mainly assymptomatic. The scam is starring you in the face.
    So why on earth if you care about humanity would you want to continue with th lockdown?
    Get off the MSM and do some real research

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