Labour’s best hope is to invest in community organising initiatives, such as one set up in Broxtowe CLP by Jane Marshall. However, owing to the extreme centralisation of party funds, CLPs across the country report they are struggling to pay for the basics, let alone a community hub.

Crispin Flintoff hears from Sedgefield CLP, Barrow and Furness CLP, Stoke South CLP, Dumbarton CLP, Basildon CLP, Solihull CLP, West Dorset CLP, Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland CLP, Edinburgh West CLP and Forest of Dean CLP.

We then hear from an accountant about the lack of transparency in the Labour Party’s accounts and poor financial practice, before speaking to two NEC members (Gurinder Singh Josan and Jon Lansman) as well as former long-standing NEC member Ann Black.

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