Last week we sent out a survey asking for people’s Labour Heroes. A list of nearly 100 past and present MPs were included and everyone was invited to tick as many MPs as they wished.

By the deadline of Midnight on Sunday, 989 people had responded to the survey – both through email and social media posts.

The Top 40 Labour Heroes were announced in last night’s Labour Grassroots live on Zoom. A pack of Top Trump cards with all 40 MPs is now available to buy as well as a 2021 Calendar with the top 12 Labour Heroes and a description of all of them. To buy these, visit the Stand up for Labour website here.

The list from 40 to 11 was as follows:

  • 40 – Tony Blair
  • 39 – Bessie Braddock
  • 38 – Fenner Brockway
  • 37 – Ellen Wilkinson
  • 36 – Michael Meacher
  • 35 – Eric Heffer
  • 34 – Ed Miliband
  • 33 – George Lansbury
  • 32 – Gerald Kaufman
  • 31 – Glenda Jackson
  • 30 – Manny Shinwell
  • 29 – Jon Trickett
  • 28 – Gordon Brown
  • 27 – Ernest Bevin
  • 26 – Jennie Lee
  • 25 – Clare Short
  • 24 – John Prescott
  • 23 – Betty Boothroyd
  • 22 – Andy Burnham
  • 21 – Jo Cox
  • 20 – Dawn Butler
  • 19 – Bernie Grant
  • 18 – Harold Wilson
  • 17 – Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • 16 – Laura Pidcock
  • 15 – John Smith
  • 14 – Ian Lavery
  • 13 – Robin Cook
  • 12 – Richard Burgon
  • 11 – Barbara Castle

The beginning of the show included tributes from John McDonnell, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Ricky Tomlinson and Labour members all over the country. As we reached the top 10, Jeremy Corbyn joined the Zoom and this is where the video below starts. As you can see, it was an emotional time for many of us.

Next Wednesday, we shall be holding a special ‘Not Desert Island Discs’ show with Jeremy Corbyn. Tickets are available below:

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  1. Have i gone blind ? no Nye Bevan ? the Man who gave us the NHS the greatest Labour MP of all time . he would leave everyone on that list trailing in his slip stream . not one of them can hold a candle to Nye .

  2. History is a wonderful thing it seems to me the people who made this list or ticked these boxes do not know their political history .

  3. I just wish everybody could and would watch this. Jeremy inspired me (at seventy seven) to knock on doors for the first time in my political life; here at last was someone who had the compassion and sincerity which had been absent for so long…..

  4. Tony Blair, The man who filled the Labour party with Tories, & is still pulling the strings,, No way,

  5. Jeremy Corbyn? Lets just think the man who through his (lack of) leadership allowed the Conservative Party to gain an 80 seat majority, the man who through incompetence and neglect of campaigbing enabled the leave side to win the referendum? Who has achieved nothing in 37 years in parliament, who hosted terrorists in parliament? I ould go on… Still OK he gave a few speeches to his adoring supporters. The purpose of the Labour leader is to become Prime Minister – the only leaders who are worthy of commendation are those who became Prime Minister the only Labour Party politicians who should be commended are those that have brought in reforms that make life better for eveyone. Corbyn has achieved nothing. He should not be in a top 1000 of Labour Party figures let alone a top 40.

    1. Perhaps you ought to have a closer look at Mr Corbyns achievements Sophie. And preferably not through your blue tinted spectacles this time.

  6. Just to say, after seeing Howard Beckett’s video on the disgraceful treatment of our last party leader, I rejoined the Party having left. Enough said.

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