Was Angela Rayner wrong to call a Tory MP ‘scum’?

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  1. The best way to “get back at the Tories” is not by bad mouthing them in parliament but by getting labour into power and the way to do that is to get sufficient numbers of the public to vote for labour. Our members need to unite behind our new leader to get Labour into power to build a sustainable future for all our children. Swearing and infighting or harking back to the Corbyn years is exactly what will help the Tories stay in
    power. Passion will come in time, logic and constructive criticism is what is needed now. This government is corrupt and self interested as is the PM. Keeping your cool and showing the British Public that Labour is a responsible and thinking organisation is what is needed

  2. It depends what you mean by ” responsible and thinking organisation ”
    . Caring for the many not the greed of the few is one interpretation. Towing the neoliberal line and not frightening Mail ,Express, or S#n readers is another. Which is it?

  3. Is it wrong to call Tories ‘scum’?

    Absolutely. I wholeheartedly concur. It’s a vicious calumny. It is an attack on the good
    name of scum, in ponds everywhere.

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