Labour needs to improve its use of social media at a local level and two experts share tips on how to engage a larger audience.

Julian Critchley, Chair of Isle of Wright Labour Party, talks about the local party’s successful social media strategy that saw Labour go against national trends and increase its vote in the 2019 General Election and how the Isle of Wright’s Labour Party received the third largest social media coverage of any Constituency Labour Party in the country.

Ben Timberley, a Labour activist in the East Midlands and Digital Communications & Infrastructure Expert, speaks about how much Labour must do to challenge the Conservatives and what kind of social media activity is most beneficial to reach the right audience.

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  1. Thank you for the key and very useful point re ‘Share’ rather than just Likes and Comments in how to engage people.
    Just a couple of questions. I thought young people had moved away from Facebook yet Julian applauds it over Twitter. Does he have any evidence in his CLP re age group support for what they are doing? Second, how about engaging with those people who are anti- Facebook? Has the Isle of Wight had any success in this area?

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