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      Crispin Flintoff

      Last week, shadow culture secretary Jo Stevens, called for Ofcom to review the licence of RT to broadcast in this country.

      She did this on the back of the Russia report, which she said: “spells out the role that RT plays in the spread of disinformation and attempts at broader political influence overseas, by Russia.”

      RT clearly has a bias towards the views of its owner, but it also has some excellent journalists working for it.

      Do people think RT should be taken off air? Surely this would be a massive mistake as there are so few media channels for socialists?

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      Bob Miller

      The RT license should certainly NOT be revoked. RT almost certainly has bias related to the Kremlin, but equally the BBC, ITV, etc., has bias relating to the UK (either deliberate or unconscious – look at the background of many of their presenters, “experts”, and editors.

      What Labour needs to do is promote education on #FakeNews, how to spot it, and why it shouldn’t be passed on. I am active on social media but I always try to get confirmation before I retweet any article. Equally the party leadership should ensure that when they take action on a retweet (or other promotion) that the original article is genuinely inappropriate, that the retweet substantially promotes the issues in the article, and that the response is proportionate to the original incident.

      My reply could be implied as assuming that I believe that the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey was inappropriate – you might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment.

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