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      Crispin Flintoff

      The Labour Party has been embroiled in corruption and bribery scandals in the past that undermined the party’s credibility.

      The Poulson Affair in the 1960s and 1970s saw Labour councillors and Tory MPs brought to court for accepting bribes from property developers. The stink that this caused was supposed to have been addressed by the subsequent select committee hearing but it is clear that there are still many occasions when elected representatives are prone to influence from lobbyists.

      Would it be a good idea for Labour to ban any contact with lobbyists and so ensure that no accusations of corruption could be levelled at the party?

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      I am not happy with the Zionists giving large amounts to individuals especially when we have had all the accusations of the Party being anti sematic. Most of us know it was mostly false information fed to the media at the last election by a group among us but what part did those donations play in it?

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