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      Brian Finch

      Young people on the street still like Jeremy, but they are getting inpatient with the current state of the Labour Party. What I see is nothing is changing, activism is the same, spending most of the time speaking about the same things they have for the past 20 years, yet 20 years on we have a Tory Government run by a complete imbecile, yet we do not have a plan to get the Tories out. We are going to lose good members and comrades if we do not have a leadership and a leader that most of us can relate to and identify with. So unless we start moving in a defined direction you can kiss goodbye to the next General Election

      The Labour Party as it is now is finished, to spend another 7 years trying to change it will destroy it forever, we need to start a new party, something that can be amalgamated with once this Labour Party destroy themselves

      We need to lead, not to be led like sheep

      Your views are welcome

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