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      Vincent Clark

      The biggest foe to the left is the largely Murdoch-owned media. However, most of the so-called normal media even shows signs of bias, the BBC in particular. Not surprising with the amount of high positions given to Tory supporters. There is a growing network of left-wing media (mainly web-based), such as DDN, Canary, Another Angry Voice, etc. So, promoting those would be a good idea. Not just to people, but maybe even to businesses that recognise a left-wing, green economy could actually benefit them by not selling them out to undercutting, tax dodging corporations, such as Amazon and Google, etc. Maybe even guidance to set up more socialist businesses and the benefits it can bring. This will put the power back firmly with the people and before long, our media and business will become the voice, promoting the new normal, based on consensus where nobody gets left behind and we can deliver Corbyn’s vision of proper, democratic socialism, not based on greed and corruption.

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      Wanda Lozinska

      I set up Wake up Gloucestershire on Facebook in an attempt to break out of our bubble and get information out to more people.

      I’d like people to set up similar pages in their areas, encourage their CLP members to join and invite others and share posts.

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