This afternoon, Labour members received an email from Anneliese Dodds, the Shadow Chancellor, entitled ‘This is the plan’.

The email invites members to donate to a campaign to save people’s jobs.

‘In the face of the biggest economic crisis in decades, we can’t allow the government to withdraw critical support for jobs and businesses.’

‘We’re printing leaflets, creating adverts and connecting on social media’.

This line does not spell out that the money donated will necessarily go towards leaflets and social media ads, but it is a clear insinuation.

It gives us the impression we are being asked to spend money on a particular cost and that is why the email has urgency – it’s like the printer has started churning out stuff and they’ve just realised they can’t cover the cost.

However the money is unlikely to go towards anything like printing or social media.

It’s just a straight ask for money by the party HQ.

That the money is for nothing in particular is given away within the body of the email by the line:

‘We put a pause on our fundraising as the pandemic broke out, which was the right thing to do.’

This indicates that this email is not specifically about anything and is just general fundraising. It undermines any suggestion that the money is for printing leaflets or conducting a social media campaign.

The Labour Party has effectively contradicted its motives within the same email.

So where will the money go?

As things stand, the question of where the money will be spent cannot be answered because Labour Party accounts give the minimum amount of information.

The Labour Party do not break down their expenditure. Just look at the last annual accounts and you will see what I mean.

The money could be used to cover the £600,000-plus payout to former staff who sued the party (despite legal advice suggesting that Labour would win the case).

Or it could be used to pay for more middle management. It was found that, in 2018, the party employed five Executive Directors, at least 13 directors and at least 15 heads and five managers. That is a lot of bureaucracy to pay for.

But we’ll never know exactly where the money goes.

We won’t even be able to discover how much money is raised by the appeal.

And that leads to another question: how do we know the Labour Party needs money?

Or, how much money does the Labour Party have at its disposal?

Again, this information is not available. But we do know that in 2018 the party had £12m in net reserves.

We also know that each year the party HQ receives £50.06 per member on standard rate, while local CLPs receive a derisory £2.50.

As was discovered in a survey of Labour members last year, 50% said their CLP had no building or office, and only 35% believed that their CLP had enough funds to fight a good election campaign.

If any part of the Labour Party needs funding, it is the local parties not the HQ.

With more funding, local parties would be able to support their communities through the pandemic and the mass unemployment that is anticipated.

Broxtowe Labour Party managed to find funding from trade unions to set up a community hub that has supplied over 2,000 food parcels to local people as well as to give legal advice and other practical support to people in need.

This is exactly what Labour needs to do. We need to be there in every constituency offering support – both materially and through advice.

Even were the money raised from Anneliese Dodds’s email being spent on leaflets and social media campaigns, this would be of little practical use to anyone struggling with redundancy or unable to access Universal Credit.

If Labour expects to be taken seriously by the public then it must be more honest in its communications, must be more transparent and must devolve its finances to local parties so that practical support is available where it is needed.

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  1. This call to alms is probably about paying any compensation that may be needed to pay all those traumatised ex-party workers who are suing for all their hurt feelings over the so called anti-Semitism debacle, despite their undying love for the party they have departed, they still desire a financial settlement out of Labour party funds ?
    Perhaps the mega rich dinars returning to the fold (past Corbyn) will help to subsidise the poorer working class membership??
    I for one will be spending my hard earned minim wage income of fripperies like council tax, utility bills and food (surplus permitting)…?

  2. If you are all in favour of transparency, may we know who wrote this article?

    1. After the victimisation of honest Jewish members who didnt toe the Party line on Israel? You must be stupid. Corbyn offered transparency and mutual respect and what happened?

  3. Who the fuck writes this utter crap? You don’t speak for me and I’m grassroots. Get a new hobby like fighting the Tories you complete tool!

    1. It’s a good rule of thumb that insults generally come from right wingers and
      reasoned argument from the left. The Progress Troll just can’t help himself.

      1. This is entirely unfair. Whilst I agree this comment from Jeremy is rude and unnecessary, there are good people and reasoned arguments all across the broadchurch that is the Labour party. As someone who has encountered as many insults and cheap jibes from the left of the party as I have the right, I can promise you it is not a case of faction, but rather of individual. You may not like Progress – they don’t align with my views either – but this comment does nothing but a disservice to you as a reasoned and, I’m sure, very principled individual.

  4. I won’t give you another penny while you’re happy to pay off racist staff who did everything to stop us winning the election!

  5. Spot on. They’re losing members hand over first and in a downward organisational spiral. Case closed.

  6. Anyone who contributes to a party the leadership of which has paid out in excess of half a million Pounds to placate a bunch of people who have traduced it’s reputation, need their heads examining.

  7. We might all write back to say that we won’t be making any more donations until they tell us where the donated money is going.
    Regarding the settlement for the BBC Panorama programme, my CLP will shortly be debating a motion demanding a full explanation from the General Secretary of who made the decision, to settle the action and make the payments , and on what grounds.

  8. I’m not even renewing my membership fees in November Never mind giving the party, anymore money.

  9. Should think it’s about paying off the saboteurs in the Leaked Labour Report, with membership money!

  10. Good article, apart from the comment from Jeremy( oh yeah) not the cultured one then it reiterates the utter top down inactive bollocks that we got for most of five years when trying to get support from officals and the region and HQ

  11. Not a hope in hell. I refuse to contribute more so that SIR Starmer can ‘buy off’ staff, he has started a precedent that should bankrupt labour. Well good for him, he lied and cheated to become party leader, I wont assist him further.

  12. This was my response to her email.

    You must be fucking joking. Why not use the money you’ve just spaffed up the wall on so-called whistleblowers?



  13. How dare. They pay 600000 to blackmailers. They now want us to pay extra sub?

  14. Maybe if the Labour Party, had shown respect to Jeremy. C. & it’s band of loyal supporters, then they may have recieved donations. They did’nt & therefore won’t! !!!!!

  15. We need a lean mean election machine, not an overpaid, under supportive bloated admin. Directors are a capitalist concept not required in a Labour party either, admin staff and office managers are all the salaried staff required. It also seems that financial data should be clearly labelled and available to all members. I can think of other stuff that needs sorting but will let others comment. Mick

  16. I agree with the need for transparency with party funds, and improved funding on a local party level wholeheartedly. However some of these comments are incredibly disappointing and frankly slightly sickening. To minimise the antisemitism in the party and the hurt it has caused Jewish communities is unjustifiable. I do not know of anyone else, but I had Jewish friends pre-election crying on my shoulder about how they couldn’t vote Labour, no matter how much they cared about the cause or agreed with the policies, because they were scared. Their democratic right to vote for the policy they believed in and the party they wanted was essentially taken away because they could not trust us with their rights and their lives. It should never have gotten to that point, and trying to rebuild trust with those communities now is absolutely vital if we are going to, with all good-conscience, call ourselves an inclusive and anti-racist party, as we absolutely should be. People piping up in these comments about settlements and the obvious situation with the whistleblowers can think what they wish, I very much doubt anything I say will change your minds. But for the love of god, do not minimise antisemitism in the name of the Labour party and its members.

    1. I attended a a meeting a couple of years ago organized by JVL and before the meeting began the chair asked if there were any Jewish people in the audience …approx 30 people put their hand up…out of perhaps 70odd in the hall. The chair then asked if any had experienced any anti-Semitism within the Labour Party and none had. He then asked if any had witnessed any anti-Semitism in the Labour Party…again none had. He then asked if any had experienced anti-Semitism in their personal life’s and one person said they had had one incident about 35yrs earlier at school.

      If there was fear amongst some Jewish people prior to the last election it had no basis in fact but much more likely the result of the smear campaign and the likes of the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Labour Movement…and if course the anti Corbyn media. The Labour Party disciplinary process found a small handful of members responsible for some Anti-Semitism….0.6% of the total membership.

  17. Dodds, now theres a name too ponder over, in connection the Labour Party,

  18. Not getting any more donations from me until I see much more commitment to Socialism and support for the oppressed Palestinians . Oh and ditch the Board of Deputies 10 pledges as well.

  19. This is not the Labour Party, it’s now the red Tory party and it has stolen enough money from the supporters of the previous elected leader that was forced out of office by them and their gang of traitors so they’ll get no more money out of me.

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