Labour is more divided than it ever has been, according to over 60% of respondents to our recent survey into party unity. Less than 1% (only one person – perhaps Keir Starmer) believed the party was united.

Considering that uniting the party was one of Starmer’s main pledges, this makes depressing reading for the Labour leader

With 49% of those surveyed believing that the Labour Party cannot win power if it is divided, this confirms the findings of the recent Labour List survey, which revealed that 55% of Labour supporters expected some kind of Conservative-led administration in 2024.

The main causes of party division were seen as ‘Ideological conflict’ (44%), followed by ‘Focusing on principles vs winning elections’ (14%) and the ‘Influence of outside lobbying’ (12%).

Only 44% of respondents believed it was possible for the party to unite.

How can Labour unite?

To find out more about the Labour Grassroots survey and to hear possible answers to how the party can be united, tune into our show this evening (19th August), Can Labour be a broad church (7:30pm-9pm).

The show will include the views of Labour members with a variety of outlooks – both pessimistic and optimistic – from across the country.

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  1. Starmer wants left leaning members to leave. He has made it his priority. He doesn’t seem interested in leading any opposition to the far right Tory government.

  2. What do you expect with sir shitehawk the Tory leader of the as was Labour party at the helm

  3. There is no chance of unity unless Starmer expels the Labour Leaks perpetrators, they threw the last two elections, why should we believe that Starmer ever wants unity.

    1. Weird Karma actively campaigned against Corbyn and the Labour membership during the last GE. He should resign and move across to the Tories.

    2. I must admit I do agree with this sentiment how on earth can we trust people like that in the party?

  4. If we cannot win with a right-of-centre leader then we must change to a centrist leader or, better still, a SOCIALIST leader, just like the one who nearly won (and would have won had the right not scuppered his chances) Starmer needs to go and we should let RLB take a shot!

  5. I left 2 days after Starmers election. I was prepared to give him a chance but 2 days was all I could stomach. He has lost both my membership and my vote

  6. Starmer doesn’t care if Labour win or lose, that’s not his agenda. His focus is to rid the party of the left because he’s an establishment stooge. The establishment will back Starmer though and he knows it, its all part of the plan to deny the people Brexit. Boris will be perform terribly badly by design and we will be faced with electing an incompetent Tory government or Starmer, who will be have been a non comital nobody not making waves. The right wing media will promote him, he will win the election and bin Brexit. Its an establishment conspiracy and Starmer is playing his part. I want nothing to do with him.

  7. labour needs to challenge the tories in line with labour values and doctrine – not in line with tory values and doctrine. serving and maintaining the rich and the political elite/establishment might have won blair a few GE victories; but given that it was achieved at the expense of selling its soul, the victories have little to no value. starmer is quite obviously heading/pointing in that [blairite] direction and it will [l feel] win him and the party: nothing! the party – metaphorically speaking – should place itself in the confession box, ask for forgiveness and offer repentance. it should shape itself into a modernistic, progressive socialist party that works for the good of all working folk, with a view to serving and protecting – as a moral-minded priority – the voiceless and vulnerable; whilst championing democratic justice and equity of opportunity for a broad category of people(s). to help labour on its way, the best thing l can do/say is to leave you (the reader) with a definition of the word opposition.
    1. resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument. it is not to be ‘little different’ and act passively/obediently. it is to challenge vigorously and to change [for the better] the political/social management of the people. to invite and tangibly invoke political awareness by the voters. to expose that which needs to be exposed and to commit to delivering [with integrity] sincere/principled goals, that which will conscientiously serve the country and the world at large (thereby lessening starvation, climate issues, war torn suffering and destitution) – and to do so in the knowledge that it is the very least that any and all political/social managers should seek to deliver. the above – in short – is simple to achieve. it is for us all as the choosers of our political/social managers, to insist and demand that they/we practice what we preach.

  8. I am not a particular fan of Mr Starmer, but this ‘survey’ is extremely poor quality , as is the reporting. A very biased question ‘how divided..’ and we are never told who the sample was , how the survey was distributed or what the response rate was.

  9. It can unite by throwing all the Corbyn haters out of the party and sticking with SOCIALIST policy!
    Don’t pay the BBC Tory propaganda machine the criminal license fee. Helps stop the establishment from disseminating undemocratic lies and slander.

  10. Labour is as dead as a dodo. Cannot see how they are going to win back working class brexit supporters.

      1. I agree but for some reason the right wing of the party never listen to the members in all the years I have been a member and that is for fifty years. I don’t suppose they are really there to stop socialism are they? After all they all seem to very wealthy after doing there backstabbing.

  11. You didn’t need a fortune teller to forsee that Starmer would devide the party.
    He has emboldened the ferocious right and alienated the left. Trashed his commitment to the pledges he was elected on and taken the 30 pieces of silver from the corporate lobby.
    He has been weak and utterly ineffective as an opposition leader. Bland, uninspiring and devoid of sincerity.
    A disaster for Labour.
    Never has there been a better time for a new left party to inspire and energise the radicals who were revitalised by Corbyn and now feel politically homeless and hopeless.

    1. Perfect, precise response that encapsulates mine, and I’m sure many disenfranchised peoples feelings.

  12. Labour needs to campaign to fight for social justice for all, for re-nationalisation and fight for an end to rip- off culture. Needs to become more democratic and reflective of members view, and uphold policy made by the members. Needs to support community collective enterprises.

  13. Starmer doesn’t want left wing socialist in labour and is ruled by outside forces and countries I have voted labour all my life but what this man and his vile cronies have done to this party is unforgivable and labour has lost my vote

  14. The Labour Party lost its grip on power recently because of betrayal from the party’s right wing. After listening to decades of “broad church” nonsense I will never trust that shower ever again.
    Society is moving towards a computerised, demand driven “machine”. Only leftist attitudes can ensure it becomes some sort of commonwealth. The alternative is a centralised, controlled economy working to the benefit of “the few”. The right wing of the Labour Party is, at best, irrelevant to this task.

  15. It was obvious from the selection of the shadcab the direct of travel Starmer wanted to follow. That was confirmed by the sacking of RLB and the selection of the new Gen Sec. If the NEC is taken by the right expect a complete overhaul of members voting rights and a return of conferences as stage-managed, anodyne, rubber stamping board meetings. Political debate and is not required by the new leadership.

  16. I want the right to experience something of what the left had to endure from them,but mainly I believe those who are running the LP now will neither have the right policies for a broken country,nor will they win an election anyway.The idea that New Labour’s approach will prove effective in either of those things is on the delusional side of wrong.

  17. Labour today seems to have no direction. This wee, skittish, timorous beastie of a party occasionally squeaks at the dispatch box. We now have a choice at the next election, we can have a blue Tory Party, a yellow Tory Party, a Red Tory Party,or a green Tory Party, because they are all right of centre these days. Watching a Labour opposition in action these days, is an invitation to depression……

  18. I tried to rejoin labour when Jeremy Corbyn became leader ,for reasons unbeknown I was refused the rotten eggs in the party were never going to lt Corbyn succeed,, Now they have a leader with less charisma than a third hand tea bag,,

  19. We already have a right wing party and to cure the major problems in the country we need a DEMOCRATIC socialist party. Under the present leadership we are just a weak Tory party.

  20. Starmer sees himself as the CEO of something called the Labour Party, not as part of the Labour Movement, and certainly not someone connected to a Movement. If he resembles any past Labour leader it’s probably High Gaitskell, whose function was to block the Left and see off Nye Bevan. He’s a appalling man.

  21. The only way Starmer intends to create unity in the party is by driving out those of us on the left. His cabinet is made up entirely of right wingers, and some are extreme right, e.g. Rachel Reeves and Jess Phillips. Starmer has shown complete contempt for the left, despite the fact that our party cards describe Labour as a democratic socialist party.

  22. They—- the Labour party members…did not….not stand behind JC… They ALLOWED HIM TO BE DISTROYED…. and they Allowed…. Starmer…to take the seat…..If they are crying at their desks now…WHAT DID THEY EXPECT….. There were TWO good honest women prepared to do the job…and do it better —- hand in hand …they would have done….The country is sick to death of Middle Age… ladder climbing…Men – who jump into the House of Commons — become MPs with the soul intention of CLIMBING …AND LEAVING THE COUNTRY TO WHOEVER ELSE wants to clean up there dirty mess left behind… These men do not care about the country…or the people…or anyone who voted for them…. they care only about the ”’Lecture Program ”’ at £100.000 a talk…. and a nice little pile of brown envelopes given in ”favours”

    STARMER needs to go….We have the measure of him…and he does not measure up to the job… 1. not a clue 2. could not care less.3.. lying and disloyal

    1. I have to agree with you, I was prepared to give Starmer a chance but so far, I am definitely not impressed. I hate say this but IMO the Party needs to look elsewhere.

  23. Well what do you expect
    Capitalism rebranded and repackaged and given the name Neoliberalism is just that, capitalism.
    And there in lays the problem for Starmer.
    Capitalism doesn’t hold the appeal it used to for many people, when everyone is doing well they folk are inclined to overlook the excesses of capitalism as they are prospering.
    But now they are no longer prospering, the system has changed the world an day by day is enslaving them. So they now start to notice the excesses of the capitalist system and cry out against it.
    And they cry out for a fairer juster system and socialism to the only political ideology that will deliver on that.
    But that’s incompatible with Starmer’s ideology of Neoliberalism and so will be ignored and side-lined in favour of the banks, corporations, the establishment, Party donors and other vested national and international interests.
    He is out of touch with what people really want in their hearts.

  24. The broad church is a myth. From its conception, Labour was a party that represented the work force. These days it is no longer true and the ‘broad church’ has been the soft soap used to infiltrate the core ideological positioning towards the representation of the middle class. There are two main factions really, the right and left and they are so diametrically opposed ideologically, that there can never be unity because they represent two different bodies of the population.

  25. The party will remain divided, and irreparably so, between those who want a socialist government committed to fundamental change, and a centre right one simply committed to gaining office with the MSM cheering them on. Hence, like Blair, Starmer is currently the media’s poster boy, Corbyn, the devil incarnate. This will forever be so as socialism by its very nature, threatens so many vested interests. As the betrayal by the right in Labours Central office showed, when they were prepared to ensure Corbyn lost the election, historically the role of the right in the Labour Party has been to keep the left in check. They want to run the system, with plenty of self advancement involved, and not change it. The only real option to the ever and a day being hostage of the right, is to form a new political party, and being aware of all the inherent dangers in this, perhaps called True Labour, as opposed to New Labour Mark 2 under spineless and clueless, Starmer.

  26. Red Tory lite Blairites, ignoring the majority of left wing democratic socialists who brought Corbyn to power to maintain their crony capitalism and unholy alliance with the right and their fascist lobby paymaster generals. Even the unions are trying to distance themselves from Labour as they recognise how far from the left and the wishes of ordinary people they have drifted. They are complicit with the right wing media who normalise hate and division and convince a large portion of the electorate to either vote for them, or worse still, not vote at all as they don’t know who to trust anymore.

  27. Starmer seems to have no principals. He says he was a human rights lawyer and a public prosecutor. Yet he denies those basic rights to the members he wants purged!

  28. Labour can’t unite with Starmer as its leader. It can survive when so many of its members are paid by Istael. It has to sort out and sack every single member of staff who conspired to lose the Election and every member of Friends of Israel.

  29. Mr Starmer is betting on the right leaning ex Labour supporters who were not Party members coming back to support him. In one way he’s right. Even as the largest membership political party in Europe the number of members who made up the voting community was a small fraction of the total voting community. However, to alienate the membership completely, to ignore the telling evidence of traitorous behaviour by the staffers within Labour, means that the dream of a united Party is impossible.

  30. We are constantly being told that we are in desperate situations – be it environmental , social or economic; that time is something we do not have. And yet this constant fight that the left has to maintain to realise a bottom – up membership led party, is constantly met with resistance from the top and treachery from the right. Why bother when time is of the essence? If Labour isn’t listening – then thousands are wasting their vote. Time to form a real Socialist party of the left – not one answerable only to its elite and its mandarins who are desperate not to rock any establishment boats. Who needs Tory light? That’s the Lib Dems territory – and look where it has got them.

  31. I believe that there will be a different party come that will come forward people have had enough of a Labour goverment and a conservative goverment who not in the interest of working class people

  32. Just calling for unity is unlikely to achieve it. The root causes (plural) of the problem need to be understood and addressed. There have always been differences of ideology within the Party but we have managed to get along as a broad church and been able to treat each other with respect in the past. The present difficulties seem to have arisen in 2016 with the attempt by a number of members of the PLP to oust the elected leader and the constant briefing of the media against the elected leader by certain senior Labour figures. There have been no apologies or expressions of remorse or any attempts at reconciliation to date as far as I am aware and we still await the outcome of the inquiry into the content of the leaked report. Achieving unity will require building of trust between the different ideological groupings and restoring confidence in the Party’s management system. No easy task.

    1. I don’t think Starmer is the one to lead a unity way forward, the handle Sir doesn’t cut it with me I afraid. Paying the back stabbers for their treason was a stupid thing to do as well.

  33. The Labour Party under Starmer is finished, it will never get a majority in Parliament, the best it can hope for is a hung parliament which will be no use to anyone because things will remain as they are. Starmer is not the answer to anything, his choice of shadow cabinet is as bad as the Tories, not one MP from the left. Unity with this Blairite will never happen

  34. Totally agree 100% with comrades Graham King, Anne OConnor and Robin Richards. In this present party and under the leadership of K.S. and his right wing cabinet we are seen by actions as nothing but a luke warm tory party. We dont need another Lib Dem party! We will never be a united party under K.S, and his right wing cabinet because we need representation and leadership of an honest Socialist party on the left. We will remain divided until we do

  35. Labour cannot unite to the right. It is a socialist party, needed now more than ever. Since Starmer will not correct what he has done, he must reinstate RLB, stop supporting Israel zionism and most importantly GO.

  36. We are a Socialist Party that believes in equal rights for all People but under Blair it seemed like he changed course , I’ve been voting Labour since my first vote in the 1960s but I feel that the Party are a 2nd Tory Party, and leaving their Original beliefs behind,

  37. Democratic Socialism (as stated on the Labour membership card) is an anathema to Neo-Liberals/corporate elitists, who don’t belong in politics, seeing as Neo-Liberal ideology is corporate, not political.

  38. Not a lot of comments on here, I wonder why?
    I for one don’t feel part of the party anymore and I am seriously thinking of leaving.

  39. Today I have cancelled my standing order for my membership of the party as I am totally disgusted at Starmer’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn. I have been a member for more years than I can remember, as at seventy seven my memory is not what it was but I can remember Blair and the damage he did to the working class in this country. It’s pretty obvious that Starmer is a Blairite clone so it makes me sad but goodbye Labour.

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