Over half of Labour members are unsure which nine candidates they will vote for in the forthcoming NEC election for CLP Representatives.

Nearly 500 Labour members answered a survey sent out by Labour Grassroots last Thursday (13th August) and 52% said they had not made up their mind.

For a small number this was a matter of supporting a ‘slate’ of six and being uncertain where to place their remaining three votes.

However, 47% responded that they would not be voting for a slate at all and would be choosing individual candidates.

The survey followed our NEC Election special in which we invited candidates from both slates and several individual candidates to share their ideas on how the Labour Party could be improved.

This was the only ‘hustings’ involving candidates from right across the country and the survey found that two-thirds of respondents were keen to watch a further discussion involving more candidates.

These are the survey results in full:

Have you already made up your mind about who you will vote for to represent you on the NEC?

  • Yes – 43%
  • No – 52%
  • Other – 5%

Will you be voting for a ‘slate’ of candidates for the NEC, or will you be voting for individual candidates?

  • Slate – 53%
  • Individuals – 47%

Which NEC candidate impressed you the most from last night’s discussion?

  • Gurinder Singh Josan – 2%
  • Jermain Jackman – 23%
  • Cameron Mitchell – 8%
  • Julie Reid – 8%
  • Vince Barry – 2%
  • Mark McDonald – 7%
  • Mish Rahman – 22%
  • John Wiseman – 6%
  • Crispin Flintoff – 22%

Would you like to watch another discussion with different candidates?

  • Yes – 65%
  • No – 25%
  • Other – 9%

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  1. We need proper hustings. Forward Momentum did a great job with their recent elections for a slate. Candidates sent in videos and written depositions. Members voted using the STV system.

  2. I wish you all the very best.
    I have left the Labour Party to focus energy outside party politics.

  3. I’m voting for the L slate and Crispin so far. We need guidance and co ordination regarding the 3 places beyond the slate. We need to vote united.

  4. I have left the Labour Party due to the appointment of Keir Starmer based on his attitude to Black and young people during his tenure as DPP during the London riots in 2011 among other things and his subsequent appointment of a cabinet that has been actively hostile to the interests and conditions of working class people.
    I would return to back candidates that demanded and campaigned for the reinstatement of Clause IV, PR and a return to a Labour Party that does not repeat the mistake drifting form it’s founding principles for the sake of winning over people who do not vote for it anyway.

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