Many Labour members are baffled by Keir Starmer’s rumoured support for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Over 600 members responded to a survey put out by Labour Grassroots and a vast majority would prefer Labour to abstain or vote against the bill.

To find out more about the views of Labour members and to participate in a discussion on Labour’s stance on the Brexit deal, join in this evening’s Zoom between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

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  1. I have concerns about food security, as over 60 percent of our food comes from , or via the EU.
    I have concerns about our democratic rights after Johnson’s coup last year. We will have no UCHR to protect us. I don’t believe we can trust this man for an instant.

  2. As far as the views of the rank & file being skewed one way or the other is to confuse the PLP with a body who cares either way!

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